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Missing Persons, People Locate

Surrey Private Investigator provides the ultimate in detective tracing intelligence by teaming up with a network of Canada's very best provincial tracking services. 95% of our missing person cases are completed within a few hours saving you time and money. Coast to coast we have detectives working in each town with network connections as deep as street level.

Skip Tracing

Services include locating a person’s whereabouts, whether it be residential addresses, employment addresses, debtors, securities and fixed or liquid assets. Our investigations team has the best detective network with the latest techniques to making sure your case is dealt with quickly and effectively.

Extramarital Affair, Cheating Spouses, Cheating Partners, Divorce, Infidelity

Suspicions of infidelity or an extramarital affair? Could your spouse be cheating on you? Most cheaters don't realize that as soon as they use a phone or internet to conduct such activities they have left a permanent trail of deceit. Leverage our high-tech and high-touch skills to gather solid evidence before you decide on any course of action.

Relationship Investigations

Does your lover have a secret past? Before you make a long-term relationship commitment, consider a pre-relationship background investigation. For peace of mind, our investigations can help you build a healthy relationship on a foundation of trust.

Surveillance Specialist

Only Surrey Private Investigator has the specialized teams to conduct effective, minimally-intrusive surveillance. Over the years, we’ve worked through some of the most completes difficult surveillance situations using our established network, equipment and perfected techniques.

Shared Custody Surveillance Verification

Parents with shared custody want to ensure that their children are in good hands. Regardless of sensitive the surveillance situation, Surrey Private Investigators have extensive experience in shared custody cases using the latest techniques and equipment. If there is spousal undue care or negligence we will provide proof, giving you the tools you need to address this issue.

Family Adolescent Questionable Behavior Surveillance

Are you suspicious that your son or daughter may be involved in some dangerous activities which can destroy their lives and cause harm to others? Exposure to your child’s secret world sometimes can be the first step towards moving in another direction. Whether it is drug problem or a dangerous relationship, let Surrey Private Investigators give you the necessary insight to help your son daughter in trouble.

Delivery Surveillance and GPS Tracking Investigations

Surrey Private Investigator has extensive experience in GPS tracking of vehicles. Our team has perfected this technique, completing some of the most difficult surveillance situations. Our advanced, reliable technology and skill set make us the leader in this service category.

Arson Investigation

Unfortunately many fires are the work of arsonists. Surrey Private Investigator has an extensive detective team in every province of Canada. If you’ve faced losses due to arson, we can help you find the perpetrator.

Miscellaneous Undercover Operations

Need a private investigator to help you in a certain undercover task. Call our office today for a free consultation quote. With our wide range of services and our enormous resources and network, we can handle most undercover tasks.

Canada Accident Investigation

Have you been in a car accident, within Vancouver, Toronto, Quebec or Alberta, in which you feel you were unfairly treated? Do you need a member of our detective investigators to build a case from important accident details? Our experts can deliver results your particular situation requires.

Process Serving

Our private investigators also handle process serving in Vancouver, Toronto, and across Quebec, Alberta Saskatchewan and Manitoba. This includes notice of claim, garnishee, subpoenas, divorce petitions, accident claims and summons.

Due Diligence

At Surrey Private Investigator, we recognize that each case is unique in size, sensitivity and complexity. We provide the appropriate level of due diligence, at the right price point for each assignment.

The managing directors at Surrey Private Investigator have handled over 800+ due diligence matters covering a broad range of industries across Canada. Our well trained staff has the experience to quickly identify warning flags in any transaction. The ability to make quick, accurate judgment calls makes our service the first choice with clients.

Background Checks

Long term human resource investments should preceded by a proper background check. Surrey Private Investigator can do the following background checks to verify your expectations:

  • Full criminal records check

  • Education check

  • Employment check

  • Criminal record check

  • History check

  • Asset Verification

Title and Name Searches

Before anyone decides on a company title it is important that they do a proper company title and domain search. Many domain names are tied to bad corporations or rogue individuals who have tarnished the brand, which could lead to future problems down the road. Surrey Private Investigator has an IT detective team to check the history of all titles to ensure that you don't end up owning someone else’s bad reputation.

Bank Account Information

Our Investigation team also handles bank account information. This would include finding account numbers and information. Additionally, we can provide you with all banking activity from a certain account.

Computer Forensics

Want to know what your home or work computer is being used for? Is your staff working when you aren't watching? Are you being harassed online by an anonymous party? Surrey Private Investigator has some of the best computer forensics experts in the world, yet can offer a rate that anyone could afford. Whether it be logging all activities of a certain computer, or identifying the owner of a blog post, we can meet your requests.

Computer Erasing, Recovery

When you erase all of the personal information on a computer is it really gone forever? The answer is no. Along with being able to recovery erased hard drive information we can also do services to permanently erase hard drives to ensure no trail of personal or business information is left behind.

Electronic Counter Measures, Debugging

Detecting phone taps and bugging devices in your home, your vehicle, or in your business is a service that is growing in demand. Our investigators use the latest countermeasure techniques and equipment. If you feel you are being eavesdropped on, then our countermeasures department can help.

Nanny Cams

Covert equipment to record the people you trust with your precious child.

GPS Tracking

We can track any vehicle, child or animal to within six feet in North America.

Loss Prevention, Secret Shopper

Is your company plagued by loss? Our loss prevention department has investigators with great experience in undercover secret shopper situations. Our undercover techniques have been very successful for many of our clients. Let us help your company prevent further losses.


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