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We bring to bear an experienced, professional team of private investigators and a comprehensive network of resources for each client’s case. Our highly-efficient practices reduce man hours for each case allowing us to offer excellent pricing over other competitors. Since each case is unique our team needs details of your particular situation before we can give you an up-front cost. These details include:
  • Timeline - How quick do you need results? Money can be saved by allocating resources in a longer time frame.
  • Region - Is it within Surrey, the Lower Mainland, the Fraser Valley or outside of British Columbia?
  • Task - What is the service required? Sometimes clients call asking for one service when the same results can be achieved using a lower cost alternative.

When you are ready to take the first step, call our trained professionals at 604-710-9465. It is our policy to give you all costs upfront so that you have full control of your case services.

All Consultations are 100% Private and FREE of Charge.


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